Newly built luxuriously equipped modern villa

Newly built luxuriously equipped modern villa

One of the most beautiful villas we offer is settled in the bay Tri Porte. Tri Porte is a joint name for three bays situated 7 km southwest from Vela Luka.

This beautiful modern villa with lots of light, interior space and with large terraces offers spectacular views of the sea and nature, and also offers the necessary amount of privacy.

Villa is made of quality materials, it's luxury furnished and equipped, and its location and architectural details functionally and aesthetically are completely customized to your needs. Property is 700 m2 size, beautifully designed and settled in the second row from the sea. The house has 299 m2 of living space. It consists of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, dining room and living room. In the basement area ​​43 m2 size is a pantry, a kitchen and a system for heating and cooling. The villa has a public beach and boat mooring.

Perfect location, crystal clear waters, beautiful underwater world and the shade of the surrounding pine fortest are only some parts of the story that this beautiful villa offers to the sea, nature and modern architecture devotees.



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