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Municipality of Lumbarda

The municipality of Lumbarda, with about 1200 inhabitants, is situated in the eastern part of Korčula island. It includes a dozen smaller settlements (Javić, Lumbarajsko Račišće, Koludrt, Kosovo, Šerić, Postrana, Mali Glavica, Vela Glavica, Tatinja and Prva žal) within the vineyards and olive fields and settled in number of bays that make Lumbarda specific among other settlements on the island of Korčula.

Another geographic specific of Lumbarda is a rich archipelago - there are around twenty islands and islets around, and probably most famous is Vrnik, an island of stone, known for many of its renowned sculptors. And it seems that this whole area is particularly fond of artists, because Lumbarda has always been famous for its sculptors, painters, poets, writers, musicians...

Lumbarda Psephisma

Still, Lumbarda is best known for its Lumbarda Psephisma, more than 2300 years old stone inscription, one of the oldest written monuments in this part of the world. It's a testify of the founding of the Greek colony in the area of ​​today's Lumbarda.

A rich history of this place also emerges from many churches (the oldest is St. Roko's Church - St. Roko is the patron saint of Lumbarda) as well as from old castles and mansions that once belonged to the bishops and nobility.

Famous vine, stunning beaches and perfect location

Lumbarda is also known for its autochthonous white wine - the world famous Grk, and for its small picturesquely family wineries where you can also enjoy their own, ecologically grown food. Considering all that, this area is perfect for buying both, agricultural and building land, or maybe a house that can be used not only for vacation but also for business purposes, like renting, since Lumbarda is a well-known tourist destination. Such reputation is based on its beautiful nature, of course, and on well-kept walking and cycling trails, but - above all - on the fantastic beaches, from sandy to hidden and wild ones (most famous beaches here are Pržina, Bilin žal and Tatinja). At the very heart of the bay there is a nautical marina with about 100 berths.

It is also good to know that Lumbarda is only six kilometers away from the town of Korčula and few kilometers from the ferry port, which makes this place a perfect destination for a holiday home, given the fact that it offers peace and preserved nature but also the proximity of all necessary social, cultural, tourist and other contents.

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