Apartment on the first floor near the sea

Apartment on the first floor near the sea

In one of the most beautiful locations on the island, near the beautiful beaches in the tourist resort Lumbardi, there is a newly built house with five apartments of witch 4 are not yet sold and are in our offer.

Given the location and price, this is one of the better properties in our offer. The house is built of quality materials and has a beautifully landscaped garden.

All 4 apartments are for sale.

Apartment H is one bedroom, with a terrace of 44 m2. It has a built-in kitchen, refrigerator, wardrobe. A central heating installation has been installed.

The price of the apartment is 79,000 euros.

There is no parking space in the whole apartment, which is located 10 m from the apartment complex, in a specially built parking lot. Each parking space has a water and electricity connection.

Parking is protected by a masonry fence, automatic sliding doors and video surveillance.

The price of the parking space is 15,750 euros In the same building are sold:

Apartment A: 142 m2 - 259,000 EUR

Apartment B, 80 m2 - 156,000.00 EUR

Apartment F, 60 m2 - 156,000 EUR

Price: 79,000.00 €

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